From time-to-time Rare Coins 101 produces educational videos.  Many of the videos focus on key date coin recommendations.

The 1875-CC Seated Liberty 20 Cent is an opportunity for Sleeper Coin hunters

Sleeper coin bargain hunters should take a close look at the 1875-CC 20 cent piece. It last peaked in price in 2014 but is now showing signs it is ready to arise from its slumber.

The 1903-O Morgan Dollar Mystery: A Lesson in Supply vs. Demand

The 1903-O Morgan dollar mystery provides an opportunity to examine how the Law of Supply & Demand impacts pricing of collectible coins, specifically Morgan dollar values.

The Hottest U.S. Quarter? The Rare 1901-S Barber Stakes a Claim

What is the hottest U.S. quarter in terms of collectible demand? The 1901-S Barber quarter can rightfully stake a claim for this honor. This video explores the legacy of this rarity.

The Incredible History (and Future) of the 1793 Flowing Hair U.S. Chain Cents

The 1793 Flowing Hair U.S. Chain cents were the very first U.S. coins struck for general circulation. In particular, it was the AMERI. variety (an abbreviation for AMERICA) that holds this honor.

A Top Key Date Gold Coin for Collectors: 1848 "CAL." Quarter Eagle

This video explains why the 1848 "CAL." quarter eagle is a prized key date gold coin for collectors. Value charts demonstrating decades of impressive trends for the 1848 CAL. are included.

Best Rare Key Date U.S. Coins Recommended for Collectors Seeking Rising Values

This video introduces the best Key Date U.S. coins for collectors who desire rare coins with the highest potential to rise sharply in future value. 

Top 15 Most Valuable United States Coins

The Top 15 Most Valuable U.S. coins are brought to life with dynamic bars racing against each other as highly acclaimed U.S. coins battle for price supremacy from 1990 to the present.