Suggested Coin Grading References

It has been my experience the most successful coin collectors are those who become fluent in the language of coin grading.

Here are several useful references to improve your grading skill.  Once you get into them, you will notice these learning tools offer many other coin collecting tips for beginners

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Collectors today have more opportunities to learn about coin grading and numismatics in general than those of a generation ago. Thanks to the Internet, collectors can watch videos and attend virtual seminars. Reading about coins and seeing photos is one thing, but an instructor-led event takes learning to another level. Images by PCGS and American Numismatic Association .

An old adage familiar to longtime hobbyists is “buy the book before you buy the coin”.  This sage advice applies more to grading than any other area of coin collecting.  You don’t have to match the skill of a professional coin grader, but becoming educated on the topic will do wonders for your numismatic endeavors.  So find that magnifying lens and get going!

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