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All the information on Rare Coins 101 is free; there is no need to purchase anything to get the full benefit of this site. You can observe the coin value charts all day long, take screen shots, or whatever*, to your heart’s content.

Rare Coins 101 is now starting to produce a series of reports for download to your device. It’s based on the same information you can view on this site for free, although the data presented will be consolidated and efficiently sorted as a time-saving tool.

The PDF format facilitates easy viewing on your electronic device, or printing for collectors preferring a hard copy.

There is a minimal charge to download the reports. It’s one way I earn revenue to keep this site going. Rest assured, there is no need for a credit card for you to enjoy the meat-and-potatoes served up on Rare Coins 101.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach me through the Contact Me form. I’m especially interested in hearing from you if you have suggestions on the type of reports you’d like to see.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach me through the Contact Me form.

Happy Collecting!
Dan Goevert

Here's How to Order:

Ordering is very easy, but the instructions are spelled out in detail, so it may appear complicated.  But it's not, really!

  1. Figure out which report you want to order (there’s only one report available at the moment!).
  2. Click “Buy Now” button at bottom of report description.
  3. You will be given a choice to pay either with your credit card or with a PayPal account. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use your debit or credit card (choose “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”). If you do have a PayPal account, you can still use a debit or credit card.
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  5. Upon payment, you’ll see a PayPal screen to confirm your purchase. From there, you can click “Return to Merchant” to get back to Rare Coins 101, or you may go on your merry way!
  6. You will soon receive two emails:
  • A receipt issued by PayPal (you don't need to start a PayPal account or activate anything).
  • A message from Rare Coins 101 containing an e-Junkie link that takes you to another page where you download your report.

If you have any questions or comments, please use our Contact Dan form.

Report #1: Key Date Coin List: Sorted by Affordability

Cost: $5.99

This report takes every coin recommended on the Key Date Coin List and sorts them according to average retail price and ranks them from low to high.

The advantage of this report is collectors will not have to hunt through the entire Key Date Coin List searching for coins in their budget range. 

Here is the header for Report #1:

Header E Report #1

The following information should help you to interpret this report.

Coin Description: Specifies the coin type, denomination, and date. Every Coin Description is linked to a page on Rare Coins 101 where you can study value trend charts for the coin and read why it is important to collectors.

Avg Price: For most coins on the Key Date List, value trends are charted for five grades (typically F-12, VF-20, EF-40, AU-50, and MS-60). The current estimated retail price for all the grades charted are averaged to determine the dollar value in the Avg Price column. The affordability of a given coin is based on its Avg Price.

Trendline Avg: This is the average of the trendline slopes for all grades charted for a given coin. The bigger this number, the better it has performed since 1990 in terms of percentage value gains, and the steeper the Trendlines. Because the Trendline Avg is based on percentages, it allows for an “apples-to-apples” comparison from one grade chart to the next and from one coin to the next.

Group ID: Every coin on the Key Date Coin List is placed in one of four groups, based on Trendline Avg. The groups are GOOD, BETTER, BEST, and CLASSIC RARITIES.

  • GOOD: Coins in the GOOD group have enviable records of price increases, well above those of ordinary collectible coins.
  • BETTER: As the name implies, coins in the BETTER group have outpaced the GOOD group in terms of percentage gains over the same period of time.
  • BEST: The smallest number of coins qualified for the BEST group. As their charts illustrate, their value Trendlines are the steepest of all the coins surveyed.
  • CLASSIC RARITIES: Coins belonging to the Classic Rarities group merit well-deserved honors. These are coins readily recognizable as key date issues, but whose value trends since 1990 failed to place them in one of the three recommended groups above. Although their prices may have stabilized or fallen in recent years, they’re still craved by collectors and have far greater potential to outperform common date coins.

Please note: This Affordability report is updated only occasionally, whereas everything on the Rare Coins 101 website is updated many times throughout the year. Every update to the website results in a few coins moving from one group to another, so this report is probably not in perfect sync with the website but is pretty darn close!

This report last updated: April 2024


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