Ready to Invest?  Test Your Coin IQ First

So, you’re ready to become a coin investor?

Before making that leap, bear in mind one more time this Rare Coins 101 Axiom:

If you are buying coins with the intent of reaping economic rewards, your chances of success are enhanced by first buying into the role of dedicated coin collector.

In the Getting Started section, guidelines are provided to illuminate your path toward dedicated coin collector.  Now comes the time to test your "Coin IQ" and have a bit of fun at the same time.

What follows are three numismatic quizzes: 

Each quiz has 15 questions.  The questions get more challenging with each quiz.

Many of the answers can be found on this website, Rare Coins 101 (hint: the Coin Lingo chapter is a gold mine of info), but others may require additional research elsewhere.

When you are able to answer most, if not all of these questions correctly, that is an indication you’ve learned much about the basics of coin collecting, and then some.  Congratulations!  You may well be poised to cross over into the realm of coin investing.

Good luck!

Beginner Coin Quiz

There are 15 questions.  When you've completed the quiz, click "Submit My Answers" to see how well you scored.  

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The other Coin IQ quizzes in this chapter are:

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