1870-CC Coronet $10 Eagle vs. CRCI

The chart below enables you to see how the 1870-CC Coronet $10 eagle (in VF-20 grade) stacks up against the Collectors Rare Coin Index (abbreviated as CRCI).

The blue line represents the percentage increases/decreases of the 1870-CC Coronet $10 eagle. The red line is the percent fluctuations of the CRCI, calculated by the cumulative activity of all 100 coins tracked in the Index.

The percent scale on the left-hand side of the chart pertains to the blue and red lines. Both lines start in January 1990 at 100.00%.

For any of the 100 charted coins, compare its blue line to the red line to understand how it performed relative to the Index as a whole.

The $ dollar scale on the right-hand side makes it possible to study retail price variations of the 1870-CC Coronet $10 eagle over the same time period, as indicated by the gold color.

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Hover over the chart to review the data in greater detail.

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