Common Date: 1865 Shield Two Cent

Compare the Trendline Average of the *Common Date 1865 Shield Two Cent to the Trendline Averages of this Key Date recommendation:

Coins of same type are used for the most meaningful comparisons (think “apples to apples”).

In almost all cases, the Trendline Average of Key Dates will be higher than that of their Common Date counterpart, indicative of a superior price performance history.

*Common Date = a date within a given coin type that is generally more available when compared to key dates of the same type.

Preview of eBay** selection for this relatively common date, the 1865 Shield Two Cent:

1865 Shield Two Cent photos Compare values of the Common Date 1865 Shield Two Cent coin to truly rare coins.
Trendline Avg = 2.76 Common Date Trendlines are generally much lower than Key Date Trendlines
Last updated 2-8-24
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